How to Download, Install and Activate

Microsoft is a massive name in the realm of technology, and they have provided innovative products for decades, which have served the customers. Their products include windows and, to name a few. Various business firms have used the office package for accomplishing tasks at a swift face. The tools and features provided in the package enable the users to create extensively detailed reports along with presentations. You can redeem the product key related to the package.

  • Start with signing into your Microsoft account and then entering the product key. After this, you can redeem the product key related to program.
  • After the verification is finished related to the product key, you can then proceed to the next step that involves the downloading of the program and also its installation. You can follow the steps that appear on the screen as guidelines to complete the installation.

Ways to Download the Office Setup Www.Office.Com/Setup

  • Downloading the is easy; you can do this by going to the official page, or you can also buy it from the retail store. Start by opening up the browser installed on your device and then navigate to; when the page loads, you can click on the option of enter that appears on your display screen.
  • Further, you can sign in to your account of Microsoft by inputting the username and the passcode in the space box. In case you do not have an account with Microsoft, you can create a new account. This can be done on the page of sign up.
  • When done with these steps, you will see an option that asks you to input the product key in the column space. Simple input the product-related key from your registered email ID. Once you have entered the product key, you can click on the button of submit.
  • Next, you will see that the product key has been verified, and the latest version of the office product will be available for download. You can go the option of my account and further click on the button named install.
  • You can wait for the process of download to start and after this press on the button of run or save depending on the browser you are using.

Installing the Office Setup Office.Com/Setup

  • The office program consists of many applications that are useful to others, such as excel and word and outlook. When the download process has completed, you can visit the directory to access the downloaded file. This is usually the downloads folder.
  • After this, you can double click on the setup file to initiate the installation process. This will open up the installation wizard, which will ask you to browse for the location for installing the product on your system. Once you have decided the directory for installing the product, you can click on the next tab to continue further.
  • The onscreen guidelines will help you to install the software on your system; you can agree to the licenses along with terms and conditions. You will be prompted for admin credentials, so make sure you are logged in as the administrator to install the package on your system.
  • When the installation has finished, you can click on the close tab to complete the installation procedure. After this, you can reboot the machine and update the program.

Activating the Office Setup Www.Office.Com/Setup

  • When you have completed the installation procedure, you can activate the product on your system by using the product key that comes with the package. You can activate the product by opening one of the programs; for instance, you can open the word application.
  • Once it opens up, you can click on the button of get started; after this, go to the window that appears on your screen related to activation. In this window, you can input the details of the product key that is required for activating the software.
  • You will see a total of 5 different boxes on the window in which you can input the product key. Make sure you enter the correct data else; the activation procedure will fail. To prevent this, you can input the information by thoroughly checking the code.
  • Once done entering the key code, you can go ahead and click on the button of submit. This will complete your activation procedure. You can update the package after this and see if the effects have taken place. You can also restart the device.
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