WPS Office: The Best Alternative To Microsoft Office In The Budget

WPS Office: The Best Alternative To Microsoft Office In The Budget

Microsoft’s office has reigned supreme in the market of productivity suites. It has found good competition in the free alternative from Google. Though Chrome books have climbed peaks of popularity, it has been found that the preferences of users are inclined towards the applications of the desktop instead of apps that feature cloud. Many users have no qualms about spending hundreds of dollars on these provisions. Unless you are a long term user of Microsoft’s package, you can switch to some exciting options that allow for cloning of the same services provided by office.com/setup but at a much lesser cost.

The comprehensive WPS package

The WPs office package facilitates word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets in a single application for the Mac operating system. What’s good is that it requires very little space on your hard disk. The whole packages only need about 300 mb, and that’s much less than what is required for the word package. The WPS package provides a split-screen view so one can divide the view to navigate to other section that contains other documents. The WPS office software allows compatibility as it accepts multiple file formats.

The program comes free, and also without sponsors or advertisements, the editing facility gets disabled after seven days that is based on the trial time. After one week, the WPS premium costs about 4 dollars a month. If you want an annual package that costs 30 dollars.

WPS Premium Unlocked features

Once you purchase the subscription, you can get unlocked services from the WPS premium. You will be able to export the images that are free of watermarks, and on top of that, you will receive 20GB of storage space on the cloud. This is an excellent choice for those who do not need extra services that come with the subscription of the office 365 package.

Overall when it comes to alternatives to office.com/setup, the WPS office is one of the best options you can get. Not only that, it comes in a very pocket-friendly budget that will not impact your finances. Those who are looking to try a new approach to the productivity suites and get the specific features in a compact package, then the WPS office are for them.

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