A Former Executive from Microsoft Is Hired By Google as the Head of G Suite

A Former Executive from Microsoft Is Hired By Google as the Head of G Suite

In an attempt to take on the office program, Google has now recruited Microsoft’s former executive Javier Soltero for running the g suite business. This comprises of Gmail, Google drive, the docs, and much more. The former Microsoft executive declared about his newfound job this Monday via a tweet. He exclaimed that he has some news flash related to the professional front. His new company Google has hired him to lead the G suite. He was delighted by this job and expressed his zeal about changing and transforming people’s lives as a very rare privilege. The executive named Soltero used to serve as the Cortana’s head, which is a digital assistant from Microsoft.

Led the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Team Successfully

He said about his reason for leaving the job was that Cortana had transpired from the artificial intelligence division of research into the devices and experiences group. He was recruited by Microsoft when the tech tycoon firm gained his startup acompli as acquisition and turned it into outlook mobile. He had led the team of outlook mobile for numerous months; he had led the team of outlook at Microsoft successfully. As for now, his current venture runs with google as a head for the G suite team; he will be managing the productivity of Google and also the tools of collaboration for both the enterprise consumers and the customers.

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