What Are The Ways To Get Microsoft Office For Free?

What Are The Ways To Get Microsoft Office For Free?

Microsoft office is the best task computing software that is available in the market today. Users can make detailed reports and analytical presentations with interactive graphics. Numerous companies and personal users use the office.com/setup package. However, there are also ways you can access it for free; you can read about the ways to use the office for free below.

Downloading the Microsoft Apps

  • For accessing the office programs on your device, you can download the application. You can go to the Google store or app store based on your device operating system. You can search for Microsoft office in the search box.
  • This will show results related to office products in the Google play or app store. Tap on the application and proceed to install it on your device. Once installed, you can press on open, which will launch the application on your device.

Accessing the Program in School or Office

  • You can access the program in school if you are a school student, this will need a student license assigned and allocated to you by your school authorities. You can ask them for permission related to the usage of Microsoft office.
  • If you are an employee, you can get in touch with the authorities and take the permissions required to access the office application. This can be done by asking for the admin password for accessing the office applications installed on the system.

Using the Trial Version

  • When you go to the official website of Microsoft office, you can see two options related to the subscriptions; you can choose the option of start the trial. This way, you will be able to use the office application for free.
  • When you click on the tab of start the trial, you will see that the page forwards you to choose the version of the office. Select the preferred edition and install it.

There are plenty of ways to access Microsoft office setup for free you can also access it by using your friend’s system. Other ways to access it, is using the device of your family members. Microsoft office is a popular program that can be used in many ways.

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