Methods For Resolving The Memory Issues In Microsoft Excel

Methods For Resolving The Memory Issues In Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a component of which helps in creating analytic data reports using the spreadsheets for entering important statistical information. It is commonly seen being used in offices and corporate companies. Many people also use it to prepare their budget and bills on a personal basis. There are issues associated with memory in excel, which can be fixed by implementing the guidelines given below.

Removing The Excessive Formatting Options

  • The excessive usage of formatting in excel can result in unnecessary growth of the file size result in an expanded big file; this can lead to poor performance related to memory.
  • You can remove the irrelevant formatting in excel by getting rid of the unessential colours and borders in the columns. This issue is also common when the formatting needs imported data from the WebPages. You can use the add-in of format cleaner to resolve this issue.

Eliminating The Unused Styles

  • One can make use of the styles for standardizing of formats. When copying the cells, the styles also get copied, which can make the size of the file bigger than necessary.
  • The error related to different cell formats can occur once you have unstructured cells in a uniform format. You can make use of utilities that can remove the unused styles. You will require making sure that the files are in the format of .xlsx or. Xlsm. It is also possible to utilize the option of style cleaner.

Getting Rid Of The Conditional Formatting

  • You can do this by saving a backup of your file and then navigate to the home ribbon to click on the option named conditional formatting. Further, you can clear the available rules that are in the worksheet.
  • After this, you can follow the steps for all the worksheets that are there in the workbook. Further, save using a varying name and check if the issues have been resolved successfully or not.

The issues related to Microsoft excel memory in can be fixed by applying these techniques.

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