How To Troubleshoot The Microsoft Office Error Code 1713

How To Troubleshoot The Microsoft Office Error Code 1713

Microsoft office offers the best features for computing tasks, and increasing productivity one cannot go wrong the capable applications available in the package. Some issues occur while using the software such as the office error 1713; these can be resolved by following the direction given below and implementing them.

Restricting The Firewall Of Windows Momentarily

  • The firewall can block the programs from running efficiently on your system. You can check the settings in the firewall and switch it off to see if the error 1713 has been resolved. You can do this by going to the start tab and clicking on the control panel, and after that, you can navigate to the panel of system and security.
  • Here you can click on the option of firewall and click on the settings related to windows firewall. You can toggle the settings of windows firewall to off and check if the office program error code 1713 has been fixed.

Switching The Antivirus Firewall Off 

  • The antivirus firewall work similar as it is known to block the functionality of the programs as well. You can resolve this issue that causes the error code 1713 by going to the antivirus interface by double-clicking on the shortcut icon. 
  • Once the interface has opened, you can go to the settings and check the firewall settings related to the antivirus. You will see that the option that states an antivirus firewall is enabled is ticked. You will need to tick off that box, which will disable the firewall temporarily.
  • After these steps, you can update the office program and see if the error code 1713 has been successfully resolved or not.

Running The Full System Scan

  • If your computer has infected files, then it can lead to the error code 1713. The viruses multiply and spread to resolve this issue; you can run a full system scan.
  • Once the scan is initiated, you can wait for it to complete. When the scan procedure is finished, you can click on the tab of fix issues to see if the error code 1713 has been resolved.

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